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About Us

Who We Are

LBC is a full-service property management team. If you want to get started but don’t know where to begin, we can help. We can arrange a meeting to assess what you need to start a sucessful short term rental. If you need a decorator, or help with furniture for your space we can coordinate an interior decorator for you. For professional photographs we also have a photographer experienced in taking the most breath taking shots. We set up your space for a very functional, smooth, and comfortable stay for your future guests. We strive to make guest’s feel like they’re at home. With our experience, we know what guest’s need in order for them to feel like your place is a 5 star stay in every category.

What We Do

We will advertise and promote your listing with a hosting site. A thorough online listing and account profile will be created for you. 

Our team will adjust your calendar, manage bookings and keep on top of the pricing to maximize profits. We will research local listings to keep our pricing competitive. We have local booking data and analytics to optimize bookings. We do our best to select quality guests for your listing to ensure your investment is treated with care.

Why Choose Us

When it comes time to respond to guests, dealing with enquiries and questions, we will handle it all! We schedule the bookings and altering reservations. With many years of experience and being a local of Niagara Falls we’re very quick and professional with corresponding with clients, and guests. We have had more than 4 thousand guests- we’ve seen it all. We know Niagara Falls region very well.

The most important role is finding reliable and detail-oriented cleaners. Our cleaning team will coordinate and send out full cleaning services to your property between check in and check out time. In case of any emergency there will be a manager on call. We have contacts for lawn maintenance, snow removal and more for our properties. 

Contact Us

Let's Talk!

We would love to speak to you about managing your short-term rental. 

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