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Short Term Property Management Services

Start Up (Required)

  • ASSESSMENT – In-person meeting at the property. Assess the potential listing and educate the client on the listing process.

  • PREPPING RENTAL - Get the rental ready by adding shelves or mirrors, installing a keypad lock, and doing any other small maintenance work to get the rental functional for short-term stays.

  • STAGING & PHOTOGRAPHY - Adding/arranging what is needed to attract guests to book your cabin. Staging is to get it ready for high-quality photos for the listing advertisement.

  • BUILDING THE ADVERTISEMENT LISTING - Building a new user profile and detailed advertisement for the brand-new listing. Creating customized picture check-in instruction slides for effortless and seamless self-check-in. Adding cabin and resort rules/guidelines. Setting up the calendar pricing for nightly rates. Setting up direct deposit at the bank.

  • DEEP CLEANING - Thorough cleaning of the listing to prep for the first guest visit.

Start Up Shopping (Optional)

If the client wishes to have the cabin decorated to make for a more appealing listing. Shopping for items to get the rental smoothly operating at high levels of comfort for guests.

Providing all necessities needed: Examples include Kitchenware, storage for supplies, keypad passcode lock for front door entry, and more.

Note: If the client wishes to do their own shopping with the supplied list this option is not needed.

What I do for you!

  • CLEANERS - Organize the cleaner’s schedules and payments. Guests pay a cleaning fee in their rental rate when making a reservation.

  • COORDINATING WITH RESORT MANAGER - If this applies to your property, I keep in touch with the Resort manager regarding all reservations that get booked or any issues that occur. 

  • GUEST SCREENING - Questionnaires are sent to all potential guests. They must complete a series of short questions and ensure they will abide by the cabin/resort rules. I will review their past reviews and write reviews after check-out. I do my due diligence with accepting respectful guests as best to my experience.

  • BOOKINGS - Communicate, answer inquiries, emergencies, and manage all the bookings that come through the Airbnb platform. On-call for emergencies as they arise.

  • GATHER SUPPLIES - Stocking items that are needed.

  • DAMAGE CONTROL - Wear and tear damages can happen. If someone on my team cannot fix it, I will hire a professional. Before going to a professional I will consult with the owner first. In case the owner can correct/fix it themselves or has another alternative. If a professional is needed it will be billed to your expenses. If the damage is claimed through Airbnb where the guest is at fault, that information will be explained to you in the monthly report.

  • REPORTS - At the end of the month, I will provide a report that includes, reservations, earnings, expenses, and a copy of receipts for any supplies that were purchased.

Things you should know:

  • SERVICE FEE - % of bookings are deducted directly from the payout for each reservation. A hosting company eg. Air BnB provides rental insurance, guest reviews, guest screening, mediation upon any issues, the process of payments, advertising internationally, security, and a smooth professional operating platform.

  • REGISTRATION FEE- If property is located inside a resort. The resort registration fee will be deducted from each reservation payout and goes directly to the resort. Any extra guest fee that is required will also go directly to the resort. Depending on how the resort/ property will be managed. This will be acessed further.
  • EXPENSES – Supplies such as toilet paper, coffee, cleaning supplies, light bulbs, etc. would all be paid for by the owner of the cabin.

Note: The service fee, registration fee, guest fee, and etc. will not go towards LBC. The service fee goes directly to Airbnb. The registration fee and guest fee will goto the resort if it is needed.

Current Clients

Our stay at the Riesling room was perfect. Communication was always agile and on point. Greg and Loretta built a thorough check-in step-by-step guide and we didn't have any issues getting to our room. The room itself was spacious and spotless. The hosts nailed everything down to the smallest details.

We will definitely come back and recommend it to family and friends.

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